June 3-5, 2022 | KyivExpoPlaza


June 3 – 5
June 3 – 5
International Trade Show of Technologies
for the Arrangement of Private
International Trade Show of Technologies for the Arrangement of Private
Виставки після Перемоги. Виставковий центр «КиївЕкспоПлаза» планує відновлювати роботу.
Thematic areas
Landscape design
  • Designing
  • Landscaping
  • Greening
  • Engineering systems
  • Reconstruction of gardens
Plant growing
  • Greenhouse technologies
  • Winter gardens
  • Plant growing technologies
  • Lighting
Small architectural forms, furniture
  • Gazebos, fountains, waterfalls, barbecue areas
  • Greenhouses, terraces
  • Decorative designs for plant support
  • Children's playgrounds, tree houses
  • Tents, awnings, umbrellas
Decoration and adornment
  • Materials (stone, tile, ceramics)
  • Fences, barriers, coverings
  • Lighting and lighting solutions
  • Garden sculptures
Garden care
  • Garden equipment, tools
  • Technologies, devices and transport (lawn mowers, aerators)
  • Irrigation systems (drip, pumps, drainage, waterproofing)
  • Service companies (care, garden tools repair, equipment)
Private water area
  • Pools (design, construction, purification, water filtration, covering)
  • Reservoirs (design, construction, care, design)
  • Stocking and filling with other fauna of artificial reservoirs
  • Baths, saunas, SPA
  • Moorings, boathouses
Smart technologies
  • Street acoustics
  • Video screens
  • Projectors for open space
  • Perimeter protection
  • Smart house
  • Autonomy of the lot (energy, water, communication)
  • Sorting, recycling
is aimed at B2B-audiences
  • Landscape designers and architects.
  • Professional contractors (directly executors): engineers, designers, installers of technological solutions.
  • Service companies serving private and public areas.
  • United territorial community leaders.
  • Business audience: management companies of housing and commercial facilities, representatives of condominiums, managers of garden and park complexes, recreational areas;
  • Owners of private homes.
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Forget about all restrictions.
Forget about all restrictions.
Let's meet and grow your business together!
Let's meet and grow your business together!
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Our location: KyivExpoPlaza exhibition center,
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